Ohafia paramount ruler endorses Kalu for Senate

Orji Uzor Kalu Senetorial


The paramount ruler of Elu Oha­fia, the Udumeze of Ohafia, Eze E.U.L.Imaga has de­scribed former Abia State governor, Dr Orji Uzor Kalu, the Progres­sive Peoples Alliance (PPA) candidate for Abia North Senatorial Zone as a square peg in a square hole, who is capable of represent­ing the people of Abia North in the Senate and getting the accruing benefits for them.

He said further that Kalu is a versatile leader, who is ca­pable of handling any situa­tion. If we entrust our man­date to him, he will surely deliver for the people of Abia North, the paramount ruler stressed.

Kalu-N-traditional-rulers-300x143Eze Imaga gave the en­dorsement at his Udumeze Palace in Elu Ohafia, when the PPA candidate paid him a courtesy visit, while cam­paigning in different wards in Ohafia.

The paramount ruler who described Kalu as a memo­rable friend said the former governor had done so much for the people of Ohafia that there was nothing he would ask from them that they would not oblige him.

“Anyone who says that he does not know Orji Kalu in Ohafia does not know what he is saying. Ohafia know what he has done for us. When the road to Okono was impassable and people no longer go there due to the deplorable nature of the road, he promised us that he was going to do it and he did and today that road still speaks for him. Nobody will ask him what he has done and for that reason, there is nothing he desires in Abia North, Ohafia inclusive that we will not give to him. Now that he is in Udumeze palace, we are going to perform the “Ima Nzu” ceremony so that whatever he desires, he will surely get it. He is versatile and capable of handling any situation,” the paramount ruler said.

Performing the “Ima Nzu” ceremony, the 74-year-old monarch with about 14 of his cabinet members said, “it shall be well with Kalu on Eke day, Orie day, Afor Day and Nkwo day, which are the four major market days in Igboland.

“That thing which you are seeking for, you will get it to our glory. Failure is not in our vocabulary. It is success, success, success. It shall be so for you in the name of his son, Jesus Christ.”

Responding to the en­dorsement and prayers, Kalu who holds the highest chief­taincy title of Ikenga Ohafia said he was at the palace to inform the paramount ruler that he was running for elec­tion so that he would not hear it from the sides.

He told them that Senate is not a place children are sent to, neither is it a place that people whose voices are not matured are sent to. “I heard someone who called me “Olu Ndi Igbo”, mean­ing (voice of the Igbos), it is such voice that is needed in the Senate. I know that I am qualified to represent my people there and get the ben­efits therein,” Kalu said.

Kalu who had campaigned in seven wards before com­ing to Udumeze palace cov­ered 10 wards in Ohafia be­fore retiring for the day.

The wards include Amaezoke, where Ezeogo of Asaga Ukwu , Eze Nwacha Ndukwe led over 50 cabinet heads to bless Kalu.

Other wards he visited in­clude Ebem Oha, Amaekpu, Owuwa and Anyanwu.