T. A Orji For National Award?! Goodluck Jonathan HELL NO!!!

By Dr. Emeka Obasi – Njiko Igbo Canada

Despite viewing Nasir El-Rufai as pathetic Northern Oligarchist, sometimes i am forced to agree with the diminutive old-rascal over some of his politically motivated grandstanding against some very unbelievable administrative blunders of the Goodluck Jonathan administration.

How can any right thinking administration in Nigeria both present and the future, ever imagine they will confer one of the supposedly revered Nigerian National Honours of CON ( Commander Of the Order of the Niger )

If i may ask, what “GOOD” has Goodluck Jonathan & his men seen in the maladministrative savagery of Abia’s T.A Orji, which would attract a National honour? A clueless T.A Orji who epitomize misgovernance by all standards; A tyrant at the helm of affairs in the State that hosts the now dirtiest and most dilapidated city & Umuahia the pathetic excuse for a State capital in Nigeria; A vindictive meanie under whose watch, Aba the once commercial pride of the South-East region and nicknamed “Japan Of Africa” became the “Pig-sty of Nigeria” because the Aba traders & residents pelted him with satchet water for misgovernance of the State & negligence of Aba city; A misfit who has spent 8 years in office doing nothing other than embezzlement of public funds, enforcement of levies & extortion for non-existing dividends of democracy and his ‘legacy’ hogwash in Abia State, A ‘joker’ who unashamedly pays hype agents on electronic & social media platforms to disseminate contemptible lies of the most despicable order; A MISleader who’s name rests permanently in Abia’s trashcan of history?

Just maybe someone would appeal to the very influential Oil-Mogul, Chief Arthur Eze, who recently sent T.A Orji to the cleaners, to send a word to President Jonathan to rescind the decision for T.A Orji as one of the 2014 awardees for National Honours.

If T.A Orji is conferred with the C.O.N , then its official confirmation that Nigeria’s National Honours have been thrown to the dogs.

If T.A Orji’s name is not removed from that list, it’ll reiterate the opposition’s stance as Jonathan’s administration being a seasonal goof.

Goodluck Jonathan is “DOING IT” but he shouldn’t do it on this one and give T.A Orji the leeway to hide away at the Senate in 2015, thereby avoid being indicted when he leaves the Abia Office.

Dr. Emeka Obasi (MSDT)
Member: Njiko Igbo Canada